Most asked questions

How much does it cost?

It costs 10 NOK to unlock the scooter and 3 NOK per starting minute. All prices include VAT. Always remember to check out our offers!

My Zvipp scooter goes too slow

There are 3 driving modes on the scooters. Double tap on the button on the steering wheel until you see a red “S”. Maximum speed is now enabled



Zvipp empower you to easily commute throughout your city by providing a fleet of electric scooters.

For terms of use and private policy click here.



How do I start a ride?

Kickstart you Zvipp 2-3 times to get it up to speed and gently press the right (green) throttle. The Zvipp engine is now activated and you can accelerate and control the speed.

How to ride and stop?

Always keep both feet on the footboard and both hands on the steering wheel when riding. Please pay attention to your surroundings and follow local traffic laws.

For soft brake, use the left (red) throttle bar on the steering wheel. For hard brake, press the fender on the back wheel by using your foot.

Where do I end my ride?

Once you made it to your destination, make sure you park your Zvipp so it is accessible to the public and is within the operated area. Avoid blocking public paths, cars, driveways and building entrances. Use bike racks when available. Then tap “End ride” in the Zvipp app. You will find a full summary of your trips in “My rides” on the top left corner in the app.

The light on my Zvipp scooters does not turn on

Triple tap on the button on the steering wheel in order to turn on the lights.

Are there any requirements using Zvipp?

Yes, you must be 15 years or older to use Zvipp. You do not need a driver’s license in order to rent a Zvipp scooter. Wearing a helmet is not a requirement by law in Norway, but we highly recommend it for your own safety.

Do I need my own insurance when using Zvipp?

Zvipp scooters are classified as a bicycle by Norwegian law, hence the scooters are not automatically insured. Therefore, it is important that you have your own insurance when renting our scooters. Please contact your insurance company to make sure you are fully insured before renting a Zvipp scooter.

Can I store the Zvipp scooter inside my office or home?

No. Do not store the Zvipp scooters at inaccessible areas where our Superheroes cannot reach them. Not only are you giving us a hard time, but you may also have to compensate the scooter(s).

How do you handle my sensitive information?

Your data policy and sensitive information is handled according to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) so your information is safe with us and will not be sold or shared to outsiders. Credit card information is handled by our payment provider Stripe ( which is one of the most secure providers there is.

Is Zvipp an eco-friendly company?

For sure. By choosing to let a Zvipp scooter transport you across the city instead of less eco-friendly service, you help reduce our total carbon footprint on this lovely planet. In addition, we take great pride in doing maintenance on our scooters as long as it is possible. If a scooter or battery is totally damaged, we make sure to recycle both products in a safe matter together with our authorised collaborators.

Scooter Issues

Registration issues

Fill in your mobile number and email address. Use the code sent to you to successfully log in. Type in your credit card to fulfil your registration.

If you are not able to log in, please contact our support team

I have difficulties ending my ride

Are you inside the operated area? You can end your ride where suitable if it is within the operated area. Everything else is marked as red area on the map where you are not allowed to end your ride. Press “End ride” in the app to stop your Zvipp rental.


I have difficulties starting my ride

Is your scooter successfully unlocked? If the scooter makes a noise and the light display on the scooter is on your Zvipp is ready to start riding. Remember to kickstart your scooter by kicking 2-3 times so the Zvipp engine enables.

Have you topped up your wallet? You will not be able to start your Zvipp scooter if your wallet has less than 10 NOK or is empty. Always remember to check out the coupons with different promotional codes when topping up your wallet.

If you are still facing difficulties, please send us an email to with the scooter ID code enclosed (located underneath the QR code).


Report damaged scooter

Accidents can happen. Any costs in relation to the damage will be covered by your own insurance. Please report the damage to our support team ( with a brief description together with the scooter ID enclosed (located underneath the QR code).


Difficulties finding a Zvipp?

The GPS could sometimes vary 20-100 meters from the location on the map. Please have a look around, it might be just around the corner. It is not possible to rent a Zvipp scooter if it is not shown on the map. Make sure you want to rent a Zvipp scooter within the rental times (usually from 07:00am to 10:00pm).

My scooter is too slow.

Is the battery low? The scooters will automatically reduce its speed once the battery reduces. Check the app to see which scooters that have the most battery before use. 

Service and Payment

Where are we?



Operating area

Zvipp wherever you want and as long as you want! However, you can not end your ride outside the operating area (red zones).

How much does it cost?

It costs 10 NOK to unlock the scooter and 3 NOK per starting minute. All prices include VAT. Always remember to check out our offers!

Is it only possible to top up my wallet in order to rent a Zvipp scooter?

Yes. By topping up your wallet instead of being withdrawn from each ride in your credit card, we lower our credit card transaction costs. By allowing us to save money, we can in turn give you the best offers and service possible. 


Where do I see my total amount in my wallet?

Go to «Wallet» in the app and on the top of the screen you will see the total amount of your wallet. 


How can I change my payment info?

You can change your payment info details in the app.

Did the battery on your phone die while riding?

Do not worry. Contact us at and we will refund the exceeded amount and lock the scooter. The scooter will continue to run by default and you will not be able to end your ride. However, the maximum amount withdrawn from your wallet is 250 NOK. 



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